Why SLA Exists?

As it is with most services, it is important to know and familiarize with the circumstances of a period and plan for activities accordingly. Regardless of how candid, how sincere, or how crucial they may be, activities devoid of such knowledge and setup will not be perennial. This is because laws of creation will wipe out anything that cannot accord with the harmony of an era. An education institution’s aim should be to help its students procure comprehension of their age and to show the methods to be successful and happy in the day’s circumstances.

As can be seen, globalization and technological advancements have reshaped lives in this century. For this reason, it has become inevitable that education systems adapt to our current day. Such changes have, once again, reminded us the importance of the education children receive early on in their learning track and that critical learning opportunities must be utilized during these early years. In return, this has called for additional roles and duties on teachers and educators.  With children’s education, parental and teacher training have also become prominent. In fact, it has become a necessity that a realistic and dynamic curriculum adaptive to today’s circumstances be prepared.

The previous century’s institution’s expectations from their employees were obedience, diligence and intelligence. However, these qualities have been deemed inadequate in the 21st century. The ability to take initiatives, creativity, and passion have become the primary skillsets. Content is no longer a matter of discussion; rather, communication skills are acknowledged to be more crucial. Social skills now create the spot light. Whether the person is eloquent in expression, able to converse and manage projects, knowledgeable in reading writing and listening, and experienced in group work and achieving as a team, are the kind of skills considered more significant. For this reason, it is imperative that an education institution includes a skill development track alongside a ‘career planning’ program early on in a child’s education period (elementary and middle school).

For this reason, as SLA, we have developed “an Innovative Educational Model” according to our century’s necessities. With the help of our partners we have setup a model inclusive of elements such as “Parent-Teacher Academy, Study Abroad, Teach & Travel and International Internship” that are in collaboration with other educational institutions. By reaching out of the box with the implementation of this model, we also aimed to benefit larger masses; a goal that is sure to distinguish our school.

In this regard, SLA developed an open profile not only for its students, parents, and teachers, but also for other institutions and communities. It determined its principles and systemized its services. Without regard to changes in personnel, it has maintained sustainability in its services.

In essence, SLA Exists to produce students who:

  • have a strong Islamic identity and take pride in it
  • are involved and exemplary members of their society
  • find meaning of their lives in serving others
  • work toward betterment of their society and world
  • are critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • have strong communication and collaboration skills
  • have strong background and knowledge in Islam
  • are proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in Arabic
  • have high moral and ethical values
  • are successful professionally
  • take initiatives and leads
  • are life-long learners