Why Education “Preschool” is important ?

The child will meet the need for play and friends in preschool, and learn to share, collaborate and behave according to the rules. The child collaborating with the world outside of its family is important and necessary to overcome the fear of school and socializing.

SLA implements a Montessori model in early elementary level, from pre-k to 3rd grade. However, the Montessori education is uniquely merged with the Arabic immersion, another core component of the SLA education model.

The most important ages of mental development are the first six years. These years are when the unconscious learner goes to the level of conscious learning and is a period of irreversibility. In these years, children have extraordinary sensitivities and mental powers to learn from their environment and to absorb information. Thus, there is a need for “a physical and spiritual hygiene” in order to ensure that the child grows up with a strong character in this era. Research shows that if children are not able to acquire social skills at a certain level until the age of 6, they are more likely to be at risk throughout their lives. In this case, the task of the adults is to stimulate the child’s ability and “secret power” during this development process.

SLA combined the Montessori Education Model and the SLA Education Model by taking into consideration the children’s mental age, the religious and cultural values of their families, the cultural dominance of the communities in which they live in, and the 21st-century competency requirements.

When is Preschool necessary ?

1- The first three years of the child are called the “confidence or insecurity” period. The relationship of trust between the mother and the child is the most basic and significant inner dynamism of the child in this period. All other internal dynamics; emotions like love, to be loved, compassion, curiosity, fear etc., develops depending on the trust dynamic. If the trust relationship between the mother and the child is damaged, other emotions are destroyed with it. This period is the most important period of the child’s physical and mental development. For that reason, it is recommended that these three years be spent with the care, love, affection, and compassion of the mother. In this period, the following suggestions are made to the parents; talk to the child as if they are an adult after the 6th month, sing with them, it may not be a children’s song either. The best thing to do to calm them down when they cry is to sing a melody. Be in relation to books. Speak in the context of thick pages and active books.

2- The child goes through a period of “dependency or independence” from the age of three. Friends and games are necessary experiences for the child to know the outside world, to socialize and to acquire an independent personality. Children who are deprived of this experience cannot get rid of their dependency on the family. Children who spend the whole day with their mother or carer and do not have friends or the environment to play should be sent to preschool after the age of three. No parents can fill the shoes of a playmate. Children can only enjoy the game with their peers who can view the events with their point of view.

3- Pre-school gives good results to children who are overly tied to their parents. “Fear of school” is very common in children who are overly dependent on the family. Thus, preschool is also necessary in terms of getting ready for school.

4- Children must be sure that they are loved by their parents, that they are cared for and a worthy member of the family. The child should be informed about the necessary information regarding pre-school education.