Single-Gender Middle And High School

Scholars and Leaders Academy provides single-gender education in middle and high school with different buildings for each gender. Both the male and female child are educated in different environments.

SLA believes that males and females have different learning methods. These differences are genetic and coded at birth. With difference in the nature of the brain, their learning styles also differ. Disregarding these differences and educating both genders in the same environment is self-criticised by modern pedagog’s as the “educational mistake of the century.”

Male and female differences in learning and results of co-education:

  • Mixed education does not take into account differences in the male and female. For this reason, it has been determined that girls do not develop their abilities. The male is always ahead in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computing, computing, sports, and handicrafts. Girls are more successful in language education, literature, geography, pedagogy, oral communication, and psychology. A gender mix and a competitive environment condemn girls to failure.
  • According to the research, male students prefer to be more active, while female students prefer to express themselves in a quiet environment
  • Females who go to mixed schools are more interested in “how” they look, while females in single-gender schools are more interested in “who” they are.
  • Male and female jealous problems are a serious threat in mixed schools. Teenagers can frequently enter a state of depression, and initiate arguments.
  • In female-only schools, their friendships with each other are deeper, they gain experience together, they develop themselves, they grow together. There is a relationship of friendship, not a rivalry. In mixed schools, this bond is not visible, and there is male hegemony.
  • In an environment where there are no males around, the females have a more free environment for their intelligence to develop and gain self-confidence. When there are boys around, they are shy and hesitant to make mistakes. They are afraid to speak up in class and be active because they may be mocked, this affects their personality.
  • In an environment without any females, the male can better concentrate on his classes. Otherwise, they fall into the complex of “I wonder what they will think?” and hesitate to talk and open up.
  • Mixed classrooms can deduct the mental performance of the kids due to their hormonal interest in the opposite gender. Hour-long texting and talking (on the phone or online) leads to jealousy and arguments, lowers the students’ concentration, and pushes the student away from school. The years that should be spent on education and knowledge are wasted with these preoccupations.

In SLA, with our Single-Gender Middle and High School application, we believe we eliminate these disadvantages brought forth by mixed education and increase the quality and motivation of our education. We also observed that this relieved the student, teacher, and parent.