Letter to Students from The Principal

Dear students,

I want you to know, no institution will hire an employee that does not benefit it. The role of the graduate is to convince an institution that he/she is beneficial. Therefore, in the early years (primary, elementary, and primary years) it is expected that you have a planned study accompanying a “career plan.” Regarding this tortuous path, I want to share some topics with you. As follows;

You must have an idea in life. Initially, you must have societal goals. You should ask questions like “What do I love? What do I want to change? What career is appropriate to my character? What occupation would I enjoy? What excited me? What do I like?” at a young age, so you have a complete and definitive choice by your university years. The way you shape your life is in your hands. You should act meticulously when choosing your career path. Do choose correctly, internships and jobs regarding the occupation must be fulfilled in middle and high school. Until the point, you say “yes, I want to do this for the rest of my life.” If you love your occupation, you will enjoy working, your days will be joyful, and you will have a happy life.

Have conscientious dreams. Evaluate the obstacles in front of these dreams in a realistic way. Be brave when you lift those obstacles. Take more daring dreams by taking lessons from today and making plans for tomorrow. Your dreams when you are young will be your projects when you are growing up. Einstein’s quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge” summarizes “contributions of dreams to the history of humanity” in great detail.

Today’s world is filled with yesterday’s imaginary products. The negativities in your lives are not a problem, they are a lesson. They are not against you, they are for you. You have to focus on good things. What you experience today is what you are preparing for tomorrow. You may not experience what you want, but you will experience what is necessary.

You should know well that we are dependent on our hearts to the contributors of humanity. Do not give up, succeed together, get out of the box, and change the definitions. Be generous when sharing your idea without saying “this is just for me and no one else” and make values ​​that will touch the human life and contribute to human happiness. Fulfill your promises completely and on time. Your honest and respectful form will create your most valuable “virtuous personality.” When you become equipped with universal values, you will witness everyone approving you. You should not forget,

“If you have a talent in a certain field, you are also responsible for it”

After completing university, working for someone for 50 years may seem difficult. You may want to create your own business after a while. Or the circumstances may push you that way. After experience and knowledge are gained, you may feel more courageous to leap forward. Moving from these realities, we as SLA have organized lesson plans for your future, to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills, and planned applicable activities.

Priority in your choice of university should be to choose a major, but if you want to have both your major and a top university,  you should be careful about the expectations. You should also know that the universities will teach you about 50% of what you need to learn. You will learn the rest yourself. In today’s world, the validity period of a university diploma is 5 years. Nobody will be interested in your university and your graduation criteria after your first job. Your own experience will come to the forefront. For this reason, you have to constantly renew yourself and it is important to learn how to learn.

As SLA, we will attach importance to skill development along with content teaching. Our curriculum will be “project-based”. We also plan to open a class for you in the name of “21st-century competencies and literacy.” However, in any career path you choose, you will have technology integrated into it. We also want you to learn a coding language in addition to daily programs like Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.  You will graduate from our school with knowledge in programming.

Dear students, I also want to draw your attention to the “globalization process” that closely concerns your future life.

Globalization has overturned many definitions. Thanks to globalization, national boundaries have been exceeded in various areas. There are extraordinary changes in the economy of the world, in politics, trade, and in the media. The concepts of interstate border, concepts of information, concepts of distance, national identity have become questionable. There are many new concepts such as global citizenship, global identity, global law, global justice, and global peace. In addition to its benefits, globalization brings forth many problems; Global warming, global war, global crisis, global diseases, global drugs, global anarchy, and global terror. Dear students, with its pluses and minuses, this is the world that awaits you. You must be ready for it. You can serve global peace and harmony with a “Global and Social Consciousness.” Without global peace, regional peace and harmony will not be long-lasting. Thus, when presenting a new culture, a new understanding, and new relations, we must see these global changes. While watching your surroundings, you can positively influence change and transformation with conscious understanding and contributions. Otherwise, globalization turning into an erosion or a flood disaster is a possibility.

Best Regards
SLA School Principle