Letter to Parents from The Principal

Dear parents,

When your child first arrives in this world, you try to understand what he/she is saying just by his/her hand movements, however, unfortunately, when they grow up, we can not even hear their screams. Whereas, your children are not how you imagine them to be, but they are how you raise them.

Dear parents: Maybe you did not think parenting needed an education until you were married, had a child, or maybe until your children grew. In fact, as spouses, you only evaluated your “personal characteristics.” It was a decision made with emotion, but now the responsibility is added to that emotion. In your homes, you have children you have never been jealous of and have wanted to be more successful than yourself. Now, you have started to forget your own life and focus on your children. In your new life, you make decisions regarding your child’s education, school, friend, and social setting.

Today’s circumstances are different than yesterday’s. Today, the child’s mind is full of clutter. Things like external factors, loss of identity n and pressure from a different language or culture added onto by mistakeful reactions by the parents leads to apathy in the child. There are various dangerous environments that wait for your child… This point is sufficient to emphasize the importance of a parent-school cooperation. Thus, as SLA, we made “Parent School.” We designed the program to 1-2 classes per month based on issues like problems of different age groups. With expert speakers in their fields, I highly encourage parents to attend, because a parent-school coordination is crucial in child education. Otherwise, a different environment at home and at school leads to character disorder. Anyone can be a parent, but being a parent in the digital age requires a separate education. Parents can become solutionless in a world they are not familiar with. Most parents may be against this education. They might approach it like; “I know my child best”, “No one can teach me how to approach my child and spouse”, “Is this how we grew up?”, “We do not have problems in our family.” However, it must be known, the era in which we lived is significantly different than theirs.

In the digital world, managing the child and family relations has become convoluted. Our children are trapped in the attraction of this digital world that we can not ignore and are forcing us to follow. It is obvious that when this situation turns into screen addiction, it has negative effects on their personality and education. For this reason, I encourage you to prioritize this “Parent School” project. With this project, we will be able to meet on many issues related to the education of our children. We will continue the education process that is initiated at school, at home. I hope that our children will have an uninterrupted and sustainable educational environment.

– Yours sincerely, SLA Principal